At my house, Christmas and cookies go hand-in-hand! As the delicious smells of cookies drift through my house, I decided that browser cookies is a perfect ‪#‎whatiswednesday‬.

Browser cookies are nothing to worry about. In fact, if you were to remove all cookies, you would find your internet browsing a lot less enjoyable. A cookie is simply a small text file that a website sends your browser to store. Then when you are surfing the web later, websites can access these cookies for little bites of knowledge about you. A few examples of what cookies might do is save your username on a specific site or a website can know if you have visited it before and display a different page for you to view. Airlines do this all the time, every subsequent time you go to a site to look at ticket prices, it will serve you a different price until you purchase it.

Thanks for reading… I have to jet, my Christmas cookies are burning! ‪#‎smallbiz‬

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